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ERP Consulting Services Available

ERP Consulting Services for your Roadmap to Success

ERP Consulting Services Available

Welcome to Advisory IS Solutions, your trusted ERP Consulting Company, here to help you assess your ERP and IT strategy so you harness the best technology for your industry, which is aligned to your business objectives.

Our team of experts have worked with hundreds of ERP projects and we have combined our skills to help our customers with IT infrastructure planning, requirements gathering, software selection, managing the implementation, and providing post live support”. Al Esmail, PMP, CPA, CGA – Founder

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Adam Lewis

Ecofish, President and CEO

“Al was hired to lead our ERP replacement project and his team rapidly executed a methodology that allowed us to feel confident that the right product was chosen. Al’s assistance in the ERP Software Selection process was greatly appreciated.”


Michael Byrne

Operations Manager, Nested Naturals

"Advisory IS Solutions were pivotal in our ERP implementation. They completely redefined our scope and helped negotiate this adjustment in our favour. The project was managed thoroughly and effectively, only involving the correct people at the right time without sacrificing quality. The communication is one standout point that is worth highlighting. They were always available and quick to respond when we needed them to get the project done. It is extremely rare that you get this level of quality communication and availability from external services. Most importantly, Advisory Solutions got us a quality ERP set up. I have no doubt in my mind that our ERP would not be as powerful as it is if it weren't for their help".


Garth Essery

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, VP Shared Service

“Al was hired as our ERP Strategy Consultant to evaluate the Finance, Procurement, and Construction Applications utilized across the organization and to evaluate if we should consider an ERP upgrade or replacement. Al proficiently executed a Methodology that rapidly gathered our business needs, determined the competing applications for our industry, and engaged ERP vendors to respond to a Request for Proposal.  Al was instrumental in managing a process that led to the final recommendation to the selection steering committee to make its final ERP migration decision.”


Glen North

PNP Pharmaceuticals, CEO

“Al accelerated our approach to ERP software selection by working closely with our department heads to clearly define our current and future requirements, identifying the top 4 vendors to consider for our industry and size through a formal Request for Proposal process, and narrowing down our selection to the top two vendors for product demonstrations. Once we selected the top vendor Al was quickly able to secure the price we needed to move this project ahead, readying us for ERP System Implementation. Al did an outstanding job and we would hire him back anytime”. 

Anup Bhulabhai

Great Panther Silver, Director of Information Technology

"Working with Advisory Solutions has been a pleasure. Al, my central point of contact, is always on top of the issues and quickly lines up the skills necessary and follows up to make sure things are going well. I've been working With Advisory Solutions now for over one year and they have been a very responsive team for the maintenance, updates and projects in SAP. I've also worked with Al for a few years before Advisory and he is all about getting the job done and getting the right resources for the right situation.”


Oliver Steffan

G3 Genuine Guide Gear, President

“Al and his team brought the experience, management structure and specialty knowledge that we didn’t know we needed to launch a successful full ERP installation. We found he supported our needs for a manufacturing solution really well. I have recommended Al to other business owners already and would do so again.”

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Corry Silbernagel

Bond Capital, Partner

"I’ve worked with Al on multiple projects and found him to be knowledgeable of the ERP solutions in the market and the trending applications by industry. In our case, Al’s knowledge of ERP systems for the Mining industry helped us to quickly select the best ERP solution, negotiate the commercial terms, and manage the implementation to a successful outcome. I would hire Al and his team again".


Gabriella Rojas

Goldgroup Mining, Controller

“Al was involved with all aspects of our system selection and successfully led to the implementation of our SAP project, as our Project Manager. Post live Al and his team were involved with providing SAP application support in Canada and Mexico.”

Luis Rivero

Educo Global, Financial Controller North America

“Al was very professional in his approach to our needs and made everyone in the team feel well informed and comfortable with the choices provided”.


Faizel Jaffer

Western Pacific Trading, President

“Al was able to quickly understand our business issues and redundant activities and streamlined our business processes, which resulted in the reduction of paper processes by 85%, improved staff efficiencies and order to cash processes. Al’s ability to recognize, recommend, and prioritize the solutions we needed, by phase, gained acceptance from our management team and end users, which resulted in a successful project outcome. We would recommend Al and his team anytime.”

Imperials Metals

Arturo Cruz

Imperial Metals, ERP Business Application – Project Coordinator

“Al was the Project Manager for our SAP implementation and post live he and his team have been supporting our SAP application successfully.”

ERP Consulting Services

We offer the following ERP and I.T. consulting services to pave the road for our clients success:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • ERP fit assessment
  • Best Software and Implementer to Solicit
  • Software Selection
  • IT Infrastructure Planning
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • System Implementation Strategy
  • Ready your Project Team to be successful
  • Project Management
  • Continuous ERP Improvement
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.

Stage 1
ERP Requirements Gathering

Review your current and future state business processes, areas for process improvement, and to identify functional needs to resolve business constraints

(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.

Stage 2
ERP Technology Assessment

Identify best software alternatives based on various factors such as needs, costs, complexity, and scale to name a few for vendor solicitation

(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.

Stage 3
ERP Software Selection

Vendor solicitation by submitting a request for proposal or information to vendors, grading responses, short-listing vendors from responses, vendor demonstration scripting, grading on scripts, vendor recommendation, & contract review.

(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.

Stage 4
ERP System Implementation

Manage all facets of the system implementation so the ERP solution is delivered on time and on budget.

(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.

Stage 5
ERP Continuous Improvement & Support

Monitor application performance (post live) so that the application is operating at optimal level and recommend improvements during the process to maintain ideal conditions.

Why Choose Us:

  • We know the software options to consider for your industry
  • We can recommend the best software related to your business needs, complexity, and scale
  • We advise on the best system implementer to work with so your implementation is successful
  • We have led Professionals Services organizations for multiple ERP providers and know first hand how they construct deals
  • We are experts in Project Management and we will ready your team at every phase of the System Implementation
  • We can support you post live so your ERP is delivering what you want

The Benefits of ERP Services:

  • Accredited Accountants helping you with your requirements assessment
  • Qualified I.T. consultants helping you with your infrastructure options and recommendations
  • Templated approach that are tried and tested for all phases of the project
  • Peace of mind that you are headed in the right direction
  • Get value for money at every phase of your project
  • Be prepared at every phase of the project implementation and be two steps ahead of the ERP vendor

ERP System Selection (sample)

Different systems are selected based on industry, complexity, size and budget. We’ve reviewed multiple systems from leading applications and are well versed but not limited to the following system solutions:

We are ERP agnostic and help you select the best ERP solution for your company and can manage your system implementation

We 100% guarantee our services

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