About ERP Implementation Strategy in Vancouver

About AIS

Advisory IS Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2011 in Vancouver, B.C. to respond to market trends that are putting pressure on clients to be more sophisticated when identifying, selecting, implementing, and providing continuous improvement for their ERP Application. If clients do not adequately prepare themselves, their ERP solution will fail to meet company goals and project objectives.

Hence, AIS was created to help companies pinpoint their ERP business requirements so they select the optimal ERP solution for their industry. With so many software vendors and even more system implementers in the marketplace today it is difficult to determine who to select so your ERP implementation experience is pleasant and your project successful.

Our team of experts have worked with multiple ERP vendors and we have combined our skills to help our customers remove the pitfalls from ERP requirements gathering, software selection, and to help manage their implementation:

  • Over 200 successful implementations
  • 25+ years of ERP Industry Knowledge
  • 20+ years managing local and international projects
  • Over 10 years of accounting experience
  • 15+ years – Practice Lead positions with vendors such as:
  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • Infor Global Solutions
  • Sage
Global ERP implementation strategy in Vancouver

AIS ERP Support

We provides ERP post live support tuning and improving the ERP applications shown below. Our consultancy team covers the following ERP products:

SAP Consultants:
  • Finance and Controlling (FICO)
  • Material Management (MM)
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Human Resources (HCM)
  • Environmental Heath and Safety (EHS)
  • Project Systems (PS)
  • Project Management
  • Security
  • ABAP
  • Technical Consulting
  • Developer
(AIS) Advisory Is Solutions Inc.
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Technical
  • Project Managers
Sage X3
  • Various consulting services

Managed Services

AIS provides managed services for both ERP and IT services. You will get the full service you need so you don’t worry about protecting your ERP applications or your I.T. infrastructure. Contact us today to hear more about the services we offer.

Why Choose Us:

  • Understand product pitfalls and areas for success
  • Industry experience
  • Easily compare products optimized for your industry
  • Know the best Software Integrators to work with
  • Led and reviewed over 500 contract negotiations (Software and Services)
  • Led Vendor Sales and Services processes for companies like: SAP, Microsoft, Infor Global Solutions, & Sage to name a few and understand how they do deals

The Benefits of ERP Services:

  • Accredited Accountants helping you with your requirements assessment
  • Qualified I.T. consultants helping you with your infrastructure options and recommendations
  • Templated approach that are tried and tested for all phases of the project
  • Peace of mind that you are headed in the right direction
  • Get value for money at every phase of your project
  • Be prepared at every phase of the project and be two steps ahead of the ERP vendor

Our Customers

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We believe in doing things simpler and our templated approach delivers a consistent outcome every time. Our approach is easy to embrace and user friendly.