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Advisory IS Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2011 in Vancouver, B.C. to respond to the continual market trends that are putting pressure on clients to be more sophisticated when identifying their business needs, selecting the right ERP, managing the implementation, and providing continuous improvement for their ERP application. If clients do not adequately prepare themselves, their ERP solution will fail to meet company goals and project objectives today and in the future.

We help our clients pinpoint their ERP business requirements and use our templates to accurately select the best ERP solution for their industry. With so many software solutions and even more software implementer's in the marketplace today we provide the roadmap to selecting the best software, vendor, and implementation strategy so your implementation is done right the first time.

Once your new ERP solution has been selected we have the Project Management skills to help you strategically manage the project implementation so your team is ready at every phase of the project, the vendor held accountable, and the project is on-time and on-budget. Our pre-defined Methodology, Approach, and templates  will steer the project to success.

Our team of experts have worked with multiple ERP vendors and we have combined our skills to help our customers remove the pitfalls from ERP Requirements Gathering, ERP Software Selection, and Project Management of your implementation rollout. Our track record for success is built on:

  • 250+ successful implementations
  • 25+ years of ERP Industry Knowledge
  • 20+ years managing local and international projects
  • 20+ years of accounting experience
  • 22+ years helping people be successful
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ERP Strategy & Roadmap

Wide range of Consulting Services delivered

Our ERP Consulting Services delivers success at every stage of your ERP Roadmap
  • Rapidly defining your company’s goals, objectives and system requirements for ERP success
  • Identifying the best ERP solutions for your industry, budget, and complexity
  • Selecting the optimal system to meet your business needs today and scaled for the future
  • Deploying the optimal ERP Implementation Strategy so your project team is ready at every project phase
  • Identifying Post Live improvements so your ERP is delivering 100% of your needs
A black circle with the number 1 in it.
A blue circle with the number 1 in it.

Stage 1
ERP Requirements Gathering

Review your current and future state business processes, areas for process improvement, and to identify functional needs to resolve business constraints

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A blue circle with the number 2 in it.

Stage 2
ERP Technology Assessment

Identify best software alternatives based on various factors such as needs, costs, complexity, and scale to name a few for vendor solicitation

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A blue circle with the number three in it.

Stage 3
ERP Software Selection

Vendor solicitation by submitting a request for proposal or information to vendors, grading responses, short-listing vendors from responses, vendor demonstration scripting, grading on scripts, vendor recommendation, & contract review.

A black circle with the number four in it.
A blue circle with the number four in it.

Stage 4
ERP System Implementation

Manage all facets of the system implementation so the ERP solution is delivered on time and on budget.

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A blue circle with the number five in it.

Stage 5
ERP Continuous Improvement & Support

Monitor application performance (post live) so that the application is operating at optimal level and recommend improvements during the process to maintain ideal conditions.

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