Experiences drives Your Success

I have had the privileged of working with 500+ ERP Consultants on 300+ Implementations across a multitude of ERP Platforms over the last 25 years. The sheer number of people and projects may seem dauting to some but not to those whose career has been devoted to harnessing Technology so companies get the most from…

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ERP Selection for a Global Manufacturing Company

Our company has completed yet another System Selection for a global manufacturing company! This was the first time all aspects of the system selection were conducted virtually, and the entire process was smooth and efficient! We were involved with helping our customer determine and outline their ERP Roadmap and Objectives. This would then be aligned…

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What does ERP mean?

A group of people sitting at a table in front of the sun.

ERP is an acronym which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP can be defined as an application that can record and report how your company’s financial and physical resources are being used. When the right ERP solution is chosen, based on your company’s industry and size, the better your organization will be able to make…

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